From Noise to Acoustics: Changing the Focus for Industry

Mar 23, 2017 Leave a comment

From Noise to Acoustics: Changing the Focus for Industry  By Dave Cmar No one disputes that the dangers of noise induced hearing loss are still present in industry today.  This is especially true for businesses with older processes and limited resources to make the necessary changes to noisy machines and equipment. Don’t lose hope, there […]

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Office Privacy

Oct 03, 2016 Leave a comment

Office Privacy Modern management philosophy has moved away from private offices towards the use of open-plan offices and employee cubicles.  (Nearly 75% of us now work in open-plan or bullpen type offices.)  Without office wall barriers, sounds (primarily voices) are allowed to travel much more freely throughout the work space.  Open plan offices, in combination […]

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Audiometric Testing for Health & Safety Managers

Apr 10, 2016 Leave a comment

A USERS GUIDE TO AUDIOMETRIC TESTING FOR HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGERS By John C. Dolehanty When most people think of Hearing Conservation Programs there are two aspects that come to mind, ear plugs and hearing tests.  Audiometric test results, when properly reviewed, are an extremely important part of a Hearing Conservation program.  The test is […]

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Choosing the Right Noise Exposure Assessment Tool

Aug 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Choosing the Right Noise Exposure Assessment Tool   By Dave Cmar Most industrial hygienists and others involved in physical hazard risk assessment have at some point in their careers been asked to evaluate noise exposure risk.  There are many tools to evaluate this risk, Industrial Hygiene assessment doctrines tend to favor the use of a […]

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