Quality, immersion and depth:  These are the tenets of perfecting an audio experience.  In a world where expectations are high, we make sure they are fulfilled.  Good audio may go unnoticed, bad audio is negative focal point, but great audio can transcend emotion and create an enhanced experience.  Whether it be designing the audio system for your theater or venue, perfecting the sound in your studio, or maximizing efficiency in the workplace with seamless sound masking, R.A. Group will ensure your audio vision is realized.

R.A. Group consultants have the capability and flexibility to tackle a wide range of projects including: venue and theater sound design, studio design and install, room tuning, audio restoration, audio editing, telecom and broadcast system install, sound masking, restaurant and bar sound design and home theater design.

We can work with you and your design team to build the perfect audio system for your space, fine-tuned to fit the mold of your professional or personal requirements.  We will be the architects of your design, pulling together products from a variety of vendors and markets to perfectly encapsulate your unique vision.  Our experts also have capabilities in digital and analog audio editing and restoration for entertainment, legal, and professional applications.  Whatever your vision or purpose, R.A. Group audio consultants will work with you to provide a fulfilling and sound project.

Our Capabilities

  • Venue and Theater Sound Design
  • Restaurant and Bar Audio System Install
  • Studio Design and Install
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Restoration
  • Room Tuning
  • Sound Masking
  • Recreational Facilities and Parks Audio System Install
  • Telecom and Broadcast Audio System Install
  • Home Theater Design

Recording Studio Audio Acoustics Install
Meeting Spaces A/V Audio Visual Install Sound Comm Presentation Acoustics Room
Recreation Sports Audio Speakers Sound Install PA Public Address